Thank you for making this documentary and sharing your knowledge of tapuey! It's amazing work. I'm really interested in learning about more tapuey, trying it, and also making it. I'm based in New York though - do you know if I can get the drink and/or its ingredients here somehow?

I've made sake before, which was so much fun. Being Filipino, I really want to try making tapuey!

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Hi Gerald, welcome! So glad to hear you watched it and are curious to make it. I've also tried my hand at making sake before, and had the chance to make tapuey while in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, in the US, we don't have tapuey or bubod (the starter culture) readily available. A close alternative to bubod would be Korean nuruk (although this is wheat-based rather than rice-based) or Chinese wine biscuits you can likely find at your local Asian grocery store. I am trying to see myself if there's a way to make my own bubod here in California where I'm now based.

It makes me happy to see more interest! Perhaps this will lead to more tapuey brewers and maybe a demand for bubod outside of the Philippines. Keep me updated, feel free to email us with your progress or other questions. Ingat! -Jess

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